Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic

Project Images

2292-VA_Clinic-Ext-1 2292-VA_Clinic-Ext-3 2292-VA_Clinic-Ext-9 2292-VA_Clinic-Ext-11 2292-VA_Clinic-Ext-32 2292-VA_Clinic-Ext-44 2292-VA_Clinic-Int-5 2292-VA_Clinic-Int-33 2292-VA_Clinic-Int-53 2292-VA_Clinic-Int-62 2292-VA_Clinic-Int-65 2292-VA_Clinic-Int-76


Cornerstone collaborated with Livingston Slone via a joint venture for the construction this new 190,000 SF project for a complex medical facility, including spaces for a multitude of services including medical, dental, laboratory, surgery, pharmaceutical, ophthalmology, audiology, and administration.

This project earned a 2010 AGC Excellence in Construction Award for Meeting the Challenge of a Job over $15,000,000