Collaborative Delivery

Cornerstone is 100% committed to collaborative project delivery methods, often called “Design Assist,” Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC), Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R), or Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). The early project knowledge acquired under these methods reduces uncertainty for all parties and leads to more efficient projects in less time and at a lower and more predictable cost than other delivery methods.

Cornerstone’s approach allows owners to focus on meeting their project goals, allows architects and engineers more time for design exploration, and allows our people to reduce project uncertainty by enhancing our construction techniques, scheduling, cost control, safety, and quality. The result is a stronger, earlier, and more accurate understanding of project outcomes.

The strength of our approach is its synergy, whereby the expertise of all team members is combined under a cooperative framework, solving problems long before construction begins. All team members are tasked with identifying and mitigating risks, participating in formal design reviews and risk analyses, and providing input on constructability and the potential for cost savings through value engineering.

Intentional Design

At Cornerstone, we believe collaborative project delivery requires a heightened respect for the work owners and their design teams have completed prior to including a general contractor in the process. In our experience, the concept designs resulting from extensive planning and programming form a very specific vision for the owner as to how their building will look and how it will function upon completion.

We appreciate this work and the investment our clients make in architectural and engineering expertise. Our job is to add value through construction strategies that maximize the potential of that investment while achieving the original vision.

Design integrity matters to our clients and it matters to us. As a partner in construction, our goal is to build cost savings into the project through value engineering and recommendation of alternative means, methods, and materials. Our team strives to do this while preserving the owner’s program, the aesthetic intent of the designers, and the long term needs of the building’s future occupants.

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship isn’t just the outcome of hard work or putting in the time. It results from years of training, experience, and passion for perfection. Whether it’s the more visible features of a building, such as the exterior siding or custom casework, or the things no occupant will ever see, like the concrete in the footings and foundation, or the intricate web of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, our quality craftsmanship is work you’ll be proud of 20 years later.

Quality craftsmanship comes from quality people who sweat the details and never accept that “good enough” is good enough. Our team expects to produce the best and does, time after time. The buildings we’ve built or renewed serve hundreds of thousands of Alaskans, including healthcare professionals, judges, lawyers, teachers, students, athletes, active duty military personnel and many others. That’s quite a review board and it’s their highest expectations we strive to exceed.

Sensitive Environments

Cornerstone specializes in complex construction within sensitive environments, where day-to-day operations in functioning facilities must continue with minimal disturbance. Our highly skilled and experienced team recognizes that the project is a hospital, school, government, or corporate building first and a construction site second.

Every situation is unique, yet all of these environments require a heightened level of care and specialized procedures established by the contractor and followed by all subcontractors. We address our clients’ needs at every level throughout the construction process, from the initial planning and design phases, through staging, site preparation, project execution, and close-out.

Our extensive disruption and safety planning provides assurance to owners and administrators that occupant needs will be taken into consideration before the start of any phase of work and on a continual basis in anticipation of facility operations. During construction, our people are adaptable and prepared to respond immediately to any change in conditions or their surroundings.

Complete Services

Cornerstone offers a comprehensive selection of general contracting and construction management services. We help our clients take their project from inception to a fully developed design, through start-up and execution, and all the way to testing and close-out. Our core services include the following:


  • Early Acquisition
  • Feasibility Study
  • Risk Analysis
  • Civil, Site, and Utilities Review
  • Site Options Analysis
  • Conditions Assessments
  • Delivery Method Analysis
  • Concept Design Concept
  • Cost Estimating


  • Design and Constructability Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Pre-Purchasing/Early Procurement
  • Subcontract Preparation and Packaging
  • Early Selection of Key Subcontractors
  • Schedule Development and Monitoring
  • Cost Estimating and Variance Reporting
  • Quality Control Plan Development
  • Safety Plan Development
  • Disruption Planning
  • Site Logistics
  • GMP Development
  • Site Investigation/Conditions Assessment
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)


  • Subcontractor Solicitation
  • Trade Interface Agreements
  • Peer Review
  • Coordination of Construction Activities
  • Critical Path Schedule Management
  • Cost Management
  • Document Coordination
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety Plan Management
  • Permitting
  • Accounting/Administration
  • Self-performed Work (Divisions 03, 06, and 10)
  • Dispute Resolution

Service Continuation

  • Close-out Services
  • Warranty Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Tenant Improvements